Investigating - We're aware of an issue with the Google Trends connector that is delaying downloads. We are currently investigating and trying to work on a solution.
Jul 19, 2024 - 11:34 CEST
Update - After trying different solutions over the past week we're seeing more custom columns being imported. We believe we're able to find and import data for all custom columns that are available to a certain user (depends on access level within SA360) for a certain Client Account.

We're still trying to get more clarity from Google on how data collection for custom columns is meant to work, and we encourage you to report any missing custom columns to our Support team.

Jul 11, 2024 - 14:07 CEST
Investigating - We are currently investigating how to bring in Custom Columns through the new Search Ads 360 API into Funnel. The team is in contact with our Google representatives and will continue to update the status page as we learn more.
Jul 02, 2024 - 17:39 CEST

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This is the status page for Funnel. It is used for announcing technical issues and posting updates as issues are diagnosed and resolved.

It was put in place in November 2019, which means you will not find information about prior issues.

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Jul 24, 2024

No incidents reported today.

Jul 23, 2024
Resolved - The issue seems to have been resolved on the platform side. Our requests are succeeding and data sources are downloading data as usual.
Jul 23, 09:51 CEST
Investigating - Most of our data sources are experiencing data delays. This is due to the platform replying with Internal Server Errors when we request their API. We will investigate.
Jul 22, 17:28 CEST
Jul 22, 2024
Jul 21, 2024

No incidents reported.

Jul 20, 2024

No incidents reported.

Jul 19, 2024

Unresolved incident: Google Trends - Delayed downloads.

Jul 18, 2024

No incidents reported.

Jul 17, 2024

No incidents reported.

Jul 16, 2024

No incidents reported.

Jul 15, 2024
Resolved - Downloads for the new SA360 connector are back to normal schedule.
Jul 15, 16:33 CEST
Monitoring - Google has now fixed the issue with our quota and downloads are catching up. We will monitor and update when downloads are back to normal schedule.
Jul 13, 09:58 CEST
Update - Downloads for SA360 are delayed due to an error in adjusting our API quota.
We have contacted Google to rectify the issue and restore the normal download schedule.

Jul 12, 10:00 CEST
Identified - We are continuing to work on a fix for this issue.
Jul 12, 00:15 CEST
Update - Downloads have returned to normal scheduling. We are still monitoring the quota availability while trying to find a stable, long-term solution.
Jul 10, 14:22 CEST
Monitoring - There's ongoing issues with delayed downloads due to our efforts to bring in custom columns. We will keep monitoring the situation and the quota availability.
Jul 5, 10:55 CEST
Jul 14, 2024

No incidents reported.

Jul 13, 2024
Jul 12, 2024
Jul 11, 2024
Resolved - This incident has been resolved.
Jul 11, 14:54 CEST
Update - Quota issues are now resolved for most LinkedIn Ads + Organic data sources. We are continuing to monitor quota usage.
Nov 7, 16:18 CET
Monitoring - All LinkedIn Ads and Organic data sources are again experiencing download delays due to API quota limitations.

Data sources will pause downloading when the LinkedIn credential they are associated with runs out of daily quota. Sources will start downloading again at the following UTC midnight, and continue downloading until they again experience a quota issue.

We are working with LinkedIn API support to increase daily quota limits.

Nov 3, 09:59 CET
Resolved - We have not yet been able to restore access to the Baidu API. While we will continue trying, we are closing this status page incident.
If you currently have any Baidu sources in Funnel you will be notified if we manage to get the connector up and running again.

As previously mentioned, a workaround is to export reports manually from the Baidu Ads dashboard and import them to Funnel using our File Import feature. Please refer to this article for more information on the File Import process:

Jul 11, 14:33 CEST
Update - We are still in the process of arranging a solution for our Baidu integration. Acquiring access to the new Baidu API is a very thorough process, which is why it is taking a considerable amount of time. Rest assured, restoring the integration is still a priority.
Jan 25, 11:48 CET
Update - We have noticed that existing data sources are now starting to fail to import data. The API tokens for these data sources have begun to expire, and due to the new authorization method required by the Baidu API, we cannot update these tokens. We are still working on upgrading our Baidu integration to support the new authorization method, but due to new requirements it could be a lengthy process.

We will continue to post updates on our progress here.

As a temporary solution, we recommend exporting reports manually from the Baidu Ads dashboard and importing them to Funnel using our File Import feature. Please refer to this article for more information on the File Import process:

Apr 27, 10:22 CEST
Investigating - We are currently experiencing issues when connecting new Baidu data sources to Funnel. The requirements for authenticating to the Baidu Ads API have changed, and we are currently investigating what must be done on our end in order to restore full functionality to our integration.

Existing data sources appear to be unaffected, and are currently downloading as intended.

Apr 11, 13:36 CEST
Jul 10, 2024